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I'm Pietro Chiovaro a 3D Artist with over 8 years experience. In this place I will share with you my journey in the CG WORLD. This site isn't just a place where I publish all my works and projects, It's a place where artists could learn and discover CG in the most complete way. 


CGI /  Complete 3D Pipeline / 3D Visualization / Product Design / Architectural Visualization / Game Production  / Animation  


Experience working on Architectural Visualizations from concept through to completion.

Game Production

Expereince in the production of assets, environments and characters for the game industry.

Product Design

Experience in the creation of detailed product design from the idea to the 3D industrial product.

Blender 3D Expert

  • Extensive knowledge and experience using Blender 3D Cycles render engine and Eevee render engine
  • Proficient in hard surface modeling, rendering, lighting, shading, and compositing
  • Experience in texturing, animating, rigging, and video editing

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Today 12 November 2019 Quixel Joining forces with Epic Games. All the assets, materials and textures are becoming free forever!
Here's the official communication with all the details.

Today 13 May 2020 EPIC released a first look at the PlayStation 5 next gen with the Unreal Engine 5 real-time demo.
Here's the official communication with all the details. 

Create a Medieval Kitchen

      Create a Medieval Kitchen
  • Blender 2.9 - Quixel Suite
  • Eevee 
  • Photoshop

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